Hunter Schooling Shows at Chagrin Valley Farms are offered as another level of horse show experience.   Hunter rounds are judged on smooth style and jumping form.  The Hopeful Hunter and Very Green Hunter divisions are geared toward horses who require lower fence heights.   Junior and Adult divisions are offered to accommodate riders who are ready for fences at the 2’ through 3’ heights.  Riders also have the opportunity to show in equitation classes on the flat and over fences.  Suitable attire for hunter and equitation classes is recommended.   Regulation equipment is expected.   Fence construction includes flower boxes, and gates.

Jumper Schooling Shows at Chagrin Valley Farms are designed to test the accuracy of the rider to pilot their horse over a course of 8 to 10 jumping obstacles.  Four faults are accrued for each refusal or  knock down.  In addition, one time fault per second is charged for exceeding the time allowed.  Suitable attire for jumper classes is recommended.  Regulation equipment is expected. Fence construction includes striped rails, planks, and fences without ground lines.

These horse shows are often used in preparation for moving up to USEF rated horse shows.  Many of our Hunter Jumper classes and divisions are recognized by OPHA and Up and Over.  Please see current prizelist for those designations.

Hunter Jumper Schooling Shows


OCTOBER 22, 2017

NOVEMBER 12, 2017

DECEMBER 3, 2017

JANUARY 28, 2018

FEBRUARY 25, 2018

MARCH 18, 2018

APRIL 22, 2018

​JUNE 3, 2018


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OCTOBER 21, 2017

NOVEMBER 11, 2017

DECEMBER 4, 2017

JANUARY 27, 2018

FEBRUARY 24, 2018

MARCH 17, 2018

APRIL 21, 2018

JUNE 2, 2018

a OPHA Rated
b MHJA Rated
c WPaPHA rated
d Up & Over Rated