The General Harry D. Chamberlin Horsemanship Clinic Series

The mission of this clinic series is to bring the best horsemen and horsewomen in the world straight into the heart of Ohio horse country to facilitate the accessibility of world-class horsemanship training and education within our community.  

We are proud to announce and host our new horsemanship clinic Series, named in honor of U.S. Army General of Cavalry, Harry D. Chamberlin! Many American equestrians are not familiar with the story of General Chamberlin and the tremendous impact of his life and legacy on American horsemanship, but he was a man Jimmy Wofford said, “was only second to Caprilli in international influence [because he learned from Caprilli], and was, “to horsemanship, as Mozart is to music.” George Morris called him, “the founding father of equestrian sport in the United States.” To learn more about his story and training methods, we encourage you to read the article Harry D. Chamberlin: The Consummate Horseman or explore his works in greater depth through the series of books published by Xenophon Press here

2024 Clinic Series Dates

We are still putting together our complete 2024 clinic line-up, but we will post it as soon as possible! In the meantime, check out these upcoming clinics to get you started!


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