Welcome to Pony Pre-School!

For children 3-5 Years Old

This program for children ages 3-5 is designed to introduce young children (and their parents!) to horsemanship when they are too young for our regular riding and education programs, but still want to be around horses and start the learning process!

Our program is curriculum-based and progressive over multiple sessions to enhance the learning experience and allows our staff to get to know our students and their parents better to more effectively teach them than is possible in one session. For more details on our next session, please see the flyer below:

Program Details

Over the course of your four-session program, your child (and you!) will learn:
-How to be safe around horses
-How to groom horses
-How horses see and sense the world around them
-How to sit properly for a pony ride
-How to lead a pony/horse (for the parents to support pony rides)
-Establishing respect for the horses
-Basic handling and horsemanship
-Parts of the horse
-Parts of tack and equipment
-Basic Hoof Care
-And more!

Note: Parent participation IS required; this is not a “drop-off” type program, but that is because we want our parents to learn right alongside our students and be a part of the experience.

To register, or ask any questions, please email the upcoming session’s primary instructor, Tara Vitale.

**Coming soon: By request, we will start offering a “Pony Pre-School II session in the near future for those who have completed PPS I to continue their learning progression. Stay tuned for more information!